“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”

Trevor Liley comes with a wealth of Sales, Marketing and Management expertise combined with a significant amount of time spent within the motivation industry where he began the process of honing and sharpening his peak performance strategies, integrating thoughts, ideas, methods, techniques and attitudes that have made him into the successful corporate trade show presenter, conference speaker, coach and entertainer that he has become known for over the last thirty years.

He has a rare and infectious ability to cause people to think, re-evaluate and inspire to greater levels of individual and corporate performance.

Trevor has travelled extensively around the world as a Corporate Spokesperson, Conference speaker,Trade Show Magian and Infotainer for some of the worlds largest corporations. IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Cisco, Oracle, Microsoft, AT&T, StorageTek, Aspect Telecommunications, Dedicated Micros, Alcatel-Lucent, Websense, Forcepoint, Mercedes, and Samsung to name but a few. His presentations are legendary within the trade show world and all have benefited from his expertise and performance strategies.

His performing skills have been well honed as a featured entertainer in top hotels and function rooms, including the Magic Castle in Hollywood. He quickly became a favourite choice for many movie stars as well as being on our own UK celebrity listing for some of our most prestigious events.

He is thoroughly skilled in the use of corporate trade-show magic and in the presentation of mind reading illusions. From the moment that Trevor walks on, his audiences become instantly engaged and transfixed. Trevor has brought his unique blend of professionalism, style, humour, and expert public speaking skills to trade show presentations, corporate sales conferences and is also in demand as a trainer and coach helping companies to improve their performance at key trade – shows and conferences.

Trevor began exploring his chosen art form from the age of sixteen. In those early years Trevor studied and practised into the late hours of the night and performed at every opportunity. In his thirty years of professional performing, Trevor has become known for his meticulous attention to detail, disciplined approach, study and practice. Prior to pursuing his dream of becoming a full time magical performer and entertainer Trevor studied business and later developed his expertise in Sales, Marketing and Management combined with a significant amount of time spent within the motivation industry.

Trevor is an expert at communicating, entertaining, running effective meetings, engaging an audience and keeping them actively involved. Quite simply, he has mastered the ability to inspire, inform, amaze and entertain while skilfully relating to his audiences.

He is a Winner of the Magic Circle Grand Prix Award for Close up Magic.
A Member of the Inner Magic Circle (Gold Star)