No matter what your taste in entertainment, once Trevor get’s started, your guests will not be able to take their eyes off him. His 30 years of entertainment experience guarantees that your guest’s are entertained in a professional manner.

The Event Management Challenge

Is all about finding an entertainment solution that helps to effectively build a positive atmosphere, one that involves and engages guests, as well as ensuring that they leave with a memorable and positive experience. Trevor provides the perfect answer, his entertainment programme can be customised to meet your exact needs, he will go full out to ensure and help you make your guest’s feel special and completely at ease, whilst bringing a sense of wonder; fun and astonishment. Your guests are guaranteed a great time and you will be praised for your recommendation.

Trevor is a master of close-up and stand-up magic and thought reading. He combines his vast magical background, together with a dynamic display of showmanship, to make you believe it is possible to capture thoughts of your guests, thoughts that only they could be capable of thinking. His performing skills have been well honed as a featured entertainer in top hotels and function rooms throughout the world including the Magic Castle in Hollywood. He has been a long time favourite on our own UK celebrity listing and is a regular performer at some of our most prestigious events. He is a Winner of the Magic Circle Grand Prix Award for Close – Up – Magic. A Member of the Inner Magic Circle (Gold Star)

His entertainment solutions include:

Reception Magic

  • Reception Magic – designed to break the ice, get people involved and build a positive and entertaining atmosphere.
  • Magicperformed at the table – Intimate magic performed in-between the dinner courses in order to keep the energy and entertainment going.
  • End of Dinner Cabaret– a twenty five minute fast paced program of magic, and mind reading designed to bring the event to a successful and memorable conclusion.