Exhibition impact ‘training’

“You can’t expect the level of excitement of your audience to be greater than your own.”

“We will fine tune your sales team so that potential leads are not lost in the crowd”… Trevor Liley

Many companies fail to achieve their true potential as a result of inappropriate team preparation. Sales Lead opportunities are lost and visitors often leave with a poor impression.

TLP’s Exhibition Impact Training eradicates stale, outdated thinking and inappropriate beliefs and replaces this with inspirational, relevant and fresh insights which encourage improvements in performance, results and customer experience.

What We Offer

A one-day highly intensive training session that provides participants with skills and insights that are guaranteed improve performance, technique, focus and motivation.  You will also be armed with TLP’s strategic trade show sales approach witch is guaranteed to maximise your sales results.

Participation is encouraged from the outset, Trevor creates an environment that is fun and although informal, the insights and techniques that are shared with your team are immediately appreciated as coming from someone who has made his living from the trade show floor.

 Your team will be focused and enabled to deliver a positive delegate experience, they will be skilled in breaking the ice and establishing rapport. In addition, they will be using the TLP Exhibition sales approach which is designed to get fast results within the exhibition environment.

What They Learn

Principles of highly effective exhibiting
How to transfer positive emotion with professionalism
How to instantly break through interpersonal barriers and establish immediate rapport
How to engage and use showmanship
How to efficiently qualify business potential
The TLP Trade Show System of effective Selling
How to leave customers with a lasting valued impression + much more…

Your team will enjoy and experience increased levels of motivation and success as they
learn to utilise the best approaches to effective trade show performance.

Your Investment in this coaching experience will provide you with the following benefits:

  • A major increase in qualified leads
  • Increased levels of customer contact
  • Improved customer response
  • A significant increase in energy and purpose
  • An enhanced exhibition stand atmosphere

Exhibition Impact Training can be delivered as a full day pre-event coaching and training experience or as a half-day high protein focus session.

In addition: We can work closely with your Sales and Marketing Management so that the company can implement the full value from our Exhibition Impact show strategies

Exhibition Impact Training

First step: contact us today for Impact Training and get ready to  Experience greater results!