Trevor is one of the foremost trade show presenters and crowd stoppers in the world, he has a wealth of business expertise, promotional and sales experience which helps to ensure that his clients consistently achieve their show objectives.

When he incorporates your sales message into his high powered presentations the results are amazing. Attendees zone in on your exhibit just to watch, listen, and become involved in learning about your products, services, solutions and innovations.

As a result, you end up with more crowds, more leads and most important of

all – more business!

It is well documented by market research that a trade show magician will do more to promote your company, impact your prospective customers with your sales message than any other form of promotion, give-aways, prize draws, or entertainment ideas.

Before the Show:

Trevor works extremely hard by putting in the necessary homework and research, studying his clients marketing and product literature in order to fully understand and develop a sales script that show-cases his clients strengths. He then develops a completely integrated presentation that is designed to captivate, amaze and inform your target audience whilst delivering you sales message. His goal is to ensure that you achieve the strongest promotional advantage at the show and obtain a real return on your investment.

As an Example:
Every 30 to 40 minutes Trevor will build a crowd and deliver a highly energetic, customised and structured presentation which immediately compels and captures attendees attention, and here’s the best part: Through the product or business message that he delivers during the presentation, attendees become pre-qualified, saving your exhibit staff the unnecessary expenditure of time by talking to the wrong people.

As your Trade Show Traffic Builder, Trevor will provide your company with  the single greatest return on investment that an exhibitor can make. He engages prospects, captivates their interest, and transforms aisle walkers into customers

Every one of your presentations was entertaining and very effective. You are certainly the most effective trade show communicator and entertainer I have ever encountered.”
Barry Flanagan, Global Microsoft Alliance Evangelist – Citrix