Sales impact ‘training’

“Motivation will almost always beat mere talent.”

The key to developing rapport whilst opening the doors to new sales

Sales Impact helps businesses increase sales be it at a conventional sales meeting or on the trade show floor where you only have a moment to capture attention and engage with potential clients – It’s a true ‘Master Class’ that radically improves results whilst providing a heightened customer experience. You need to ensure that each day at a trade show produces a return on your investment in terms of business leads, brand impact and in the communication of your business message, while at the same time differentiating yourself from your competitors. In a word – results! Your sales team have only 3 – 6 seconds to grab a visitor’s attention, to do this effectively they must have the right tools and know how to use them.

Sales Impact is the TLP Breakthrough System of Trade Show Selling that gives your staff the skills and strategies that will enable them to efficiently Contact, Engage, and Qualify with ease. Sales Impact will enable your exhibit staff to maximise each sales opportunity and celebrate real sales achievements each day.

We provide you with strategies and techniques that will effectively enable your team too:

• Initiate Contact
• Deliver your business message
• Engage effectively and professionally with visitors
• Size up the customers situation and uncover their needs
• Deliver demonstrations and solutions that move the sales opportunities forward.

Your sales team are your company’s ambassadors, consciously or unconsciously, they are responsible for delivering emotional content – relationship building as well as transferring the company’s values and message. They are responsible for the quality and value of a visitor’s experience and perception which is of the highest importance and value, get it right and you increase your opportunities.

TLP’s Sales Impact Training ensures that nothing is left to chance.
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